Sections of DIC's





Development Section

  1. Land acquisition for industrial complex SIDCO /SICOP department state
  2. Formal/PMT registration of SSI units.
  3. Capital investment subsidy (CIS on land, building and Plant & Machineries.
  4. Permission for Expansion programmes of the SSI unit with regard to additional land, building and Machinery.
  5. Additional line of formally registered units.
  6. Research and Development.


Raw Material Section

  1. Verification of raw Material.
  2. Toll Tax exemption for import of raw material and export of finished goods.
  3. Insertion of raw material items.
  4. Existence certificate.
  5. Issue of form No.25 for import of willow clefts from Kashmir Valley.


Marketing Section

  1. Testing Equipments – Permission/ Subsidy.
  2. D.G set subsidy.
  3. Brand promotion.
  4. Modernization.
  5. Pollution Control Equipments.
  6. Looking after Women Entrepreneurs Cell and Knitting Training Centers of the District.
  7. Attending Tendering Process of the Purchase Committee Meetings of the Government Departments.


Credit Section

  1. PMRY/PMEGP Schemes / Issue of NOC.
  2. Cash Credit limit / Loan / Financial assistance from the Banks.
  3. Transport, Air Freight subsidy cases.
  4. Insurance premium.
  5. Rehabilitation of Sick Units.
  6. 3% / 5% Interest subsidy cases on working capital / term loan.
  7. Also attending the Loan Committee Meetings.


Extension Section

  1. Provisional registration of new SSI units.
  2. Additional line on provisional registration.
  3. Permission for Project Reports / Subsidy claims.
  4. Single Window Clearance System up till the cases cleared by the Committee at District Level.
  5. Attending the Seminars / Lecturers of Government Departments.
  6. Human Resource Development.


Technical Section

  1. Capacity assessment of the units.
  2. Preparation of project reports for SSI units for Sales Tax / KVIB etc.
  3. Associate with Development, Marketing, Raw Material and other sections for giving the technical reports in cases like CIS, D.G set, Testing Equipments. Addl. Line, Expansion programmes etc.


Planning Section (Plan)

i.e Economic Investigation

  1. Allot Registration Number both Provisional / Formal to SSI units.
  2. Issue of Provisional / Formal registration certificates.
  3. Planning and Statistical work.
  4. Monitoring / Maintance of data of PMRY / PMEGP / Plan works.


Accounts Section

  1. Preparation of Pay bills and handling of cash related Transactions.
  2. Disbursement of various incentives.
  3. Booking of Plan and Non-Plan Expenditure.
  4. Preparation of annual Budgets.


Establishment Section

  1. Handling the Establishment related matters.
  2. Processing and disposing off other cases market / designated to process / completion.
10 Personal Section
  1. Acts as the PRO of the General Manager.
  2. Dictations.
  3. Disposing off the cases marked / designated to process / completion / disposing off the same.